Garren Heye

Lead Happy. Everyone wins.


Nice to meet you, 

I'm Garren.


I don't have 30 years of experience, and it's one of my biggest strengths. Why? Because I'm required to constantly tweak my approach based on current research and proven methods to stay ahead of the game.

I am a leadership lover, writer, and happiness addict. Currently I channel that into Agile Coaching, Product Management, and the pursuit of my MBA.  In my free time, I champion Lead Happy, a movement to improve the world we work in. 

I've had a passion for leadership ever since I was a child watching my dad and my Nonno lead a 100 year old business that employees had dedicated their entire lives to. They earned this dedication by focusing on their people.

Prioritize people. 

Experience magic.



When I graduated from college with no idea what I wanted to do with my skills and passions, I decided to start a consulting company with a good friend. After running that company for two years I decided it was time for my next adventure. Since then I've been working with small teams to find the most efficient and rewarding way to get their work done.

I've coached individual leaders, small teams, and entire companies to become units of inspiration, innovation, and execution.

If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact me and we can grab a cup of your favorite beverage :)